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Our adhesives offer a better combination of convenience, ease of use, dependability, and strength.


Camie Aerosol Adhesives & other professional and industrial strength sprays for every need!

Corner Board and Edge Protectors

Corner Board protects packages from damage and crushing during stretch wrapping, strapping, shipment and storage.

Corrugated Boxes & Pads

Our Corrugated boxes can be used as storage boxes, packaging & shipping boxes. They are made from C flute cardboard and have been tested up to 200 lbs. Also see our selection of corner board to protect your products during the shipping storing and packaging process.

Janitorial Supplies

We can supply your company with any janitorial supplies you may need. We carry everything from brooms and mops to can liners, and cleaners of all kinds.

Packaging Material / Mailers

Bubble Cushioning, Foam Cushioning, Kraft Paper and Newsprint

Packing List Envelopes

Our packing list envelopes make sure your package gets to its destination by ensuring the shipping address is legible no matter what the conditions are during shipment. They protect against dirt, moisture, smudging & more.

Plastic Strapping & Seals

Dot Systems carries plastic strapping for both light duty and medium duty loads. We carry plastic strapping seals, kits, & corner/edge protectors.

Poly Bags, Tubing & Sheeting

We have a huge selection of poly bags ranging from small to large, zip lock, gusseted, poly tubing, and more. We also sell poly bag sealers and sheeting.

Protective Wraps

We carry a full line of corrugated singleface, Kraft paper and VCI paper to protect your shipments.

Safety Products

Everything you need in equipment and outerwear for the safety of your employees.

Shrink Film

Our polyolefin shrink wrap is made to work with a variety of packaging applications. We carry light to heavy gauge shrink wrap and a variety of shrink wrap equipment.

Staples & Staplers

Carton sealing staples, plier staples and the staplers to apply them. We sell in bulk so you save!

Steel Strapping & Seals

Steel strapping provides great packaging reinforcement and is great for bundling or banding. We carry standard grade steel strapping & high tensile strength grade steel strapping to cover all your shipping needs.

Stretch Film

Both Dot Machine Stretch Film & Dot Hand Wrap Stretch Film provide superior puncture and tear resistance. Our hand wrap is sold by the case and our machine wrap by the roll.


Shurtape® is Dot Systems choice for carton sealing tape and packaging tape. Our large selection of Shurtape® is good for light duty hand sealing to heavy duty automated industrial carton sealing.

Tools & Equipment

Stretch Wrap Machines, Shrink Wrap Machines, Poly Bag Sealers, Glue Guns, Staplers, Automated Carton Sealing Equipment and more. We service any and all makes of packaging equipment.